Vixen Boombox: Elle Varner feat. A$AP Ferg ‘Don’t Wanna Dance’


When’s the last time you told someone you just don’t wanna dance?

The diva-in-training of a songstress, Elle Varner (yeah, that same chick who was crooning for a refill) is now begging to be rescued from a night on the town with her girls in exchange for a cozy night in with her man on her new song, “Don’t Wanna Dance,” featuring A$AP Ferg.

Varner’s saccharine vocals are whimsical, warm and inviting as she sings, “I been here for much too long. I don’t really wanna dance. I hate most of these songs, plus my feet are killing me. I should have stayed my a** at home.”

To break up the melodrama of the R&B jam, rap newcomer and fan favorite, A$AP Ferg, spits his rhythmic and flagrant style on the track which samples a beat from Kanye West’s “We Don’t Care.”

Vixens, take a listen to Varner’s new song below. What are your thoughts? Have you had a night like this before?

Photo Credit: Instagram