Ex-Bad Girls Club Star Arrested for DWI and Drug Possession

bad girls club

Even though she is not on the show anymore, this gal is showing us that she is still a bad girl.

TMZ reports that Florina “Flo” Kaja from season four of The Bad Girls Club was pulled over in Yonkers, NY last week after making an illegal U-turn. Cops were set off after they saw she was acting erratic and fidgety and found cocaine and marijuana in her vehicle. When they asked for her name, the former reality star tried to trick them by giving them a fake name, which didn’t work. Flo was arrested for driving under the influence and possession of a controlled substance. To make matters worse, the 31-year-old had an outstanding warrant stemming from a harassment charge.

Last year, the Staten Island native was arrested for prescription fraud after checking into a hospital center under a different name and then trying to use the hospital bracelet to get a prescription filled at a CVS in New Jersey.

Photo Credit: Oxygen