Exclusive: Consequence Takes Us Behind-The-Scenes Of His ‘Bottle Girls (Remix)’ Video With Mack Wilds


Back in May, Consequence let loose his ode to the lovely ladies who bring patrons sparkling bottles of bubbly to stunt in the club. “Bottle Girls” amply portrayed New York City’s most ogled-at nightlife staffers.

“My Mack game Wild and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Tristan,” Cons rapped on the original track with Charisse Mills and Company of Greatness. Fast forward a couple months and a name drop later and Mack Wilds—our dimple-bearing cover star—has donated his vocals for the official remix. Although public ears haven’t heard the track yet, there’s already some accompanying visuals for it underway. According to the man behind the music, we’ll be seeing Cons, Mack and a few floating hourglass figures on our computer screens sooner than you think.

Cons hopped on the phone to give us the rundown on the revamped “Bottle Girls” record, what we can expect from the flick and the misunderstanding that comes with bottle girls. —Stacy-Ann Ellis (@stassi_x)

VIBE: So how did the collaboration and video with Mack Wilds even come together?

Consequence: I’m good friends with Ne-Yo and me and Mack actually met through Ne-Yo. He’s like, yo I’m a really big fan. I stopped by the studio and, literally the day he came through, I was like, man he would really sound good on the “Bottle Girls” joint. So we did it in one take. I wanted to put somebody on it and I had a couple different ideas as far as rappers to be on it, but then after really thinking it over, I thought it would be dope if I had one of the girls who I mentioned in the record rap on it. I picked a couple brains and I had found out that Blu Gem sang. I said, well maybe it might be the same kind of situation like when I worked with John Legend and I had him rap on my album. Pretty much if a singer is a good singer, they’ll be able to catch the rhythm of a rap. So I wrote a joint for her and she killed it. That’s how we got to that. The record is dope. And I wanted to put the video out the same as I drop the record. We’re actually shooting the video for the record that nobody’s heard yet, but I know that it’s that fresh.

What’s the concept behind it? What can we expect?

The concept—I don’t want to give it away too much because it’s a really dope and unique idea—but I’ll say we were under the gun to get it done because Mack is leaving for the Under the Influence Tour. He leaves Thursday morning, so I had to really pull a lot of resources just to get everything done and get a bunch of the girls there. The pictures you saw are day one. I got another day to shoot where I do Blu Gem’s verse and a bunch of other cameos. I had to do it yesterday. I couldn’t do it today because I know [Mack] is probably going to be packing and everything and Thursday morning he’s leaving. So I was like yup, yesterday had to be it.

Actually it’s funny because I had another spot that cancelled. I definitely want to give a shout out to Club Lit and a promoter named Young Six, because I had a spot and they pulled on me at the last minute. The person told me we were going to shoot there Monday, they just had to get it approved and then Saturday they dragged their feet telling me “nah.” You could’ve told me no Tuesday! (laughs) But it ain’t nothing. That don’t stop nothing. I ain’t never got stopped by anything remotely around the word “no.” It was really inconvenient and I had a headache all of Saturday. It’s cool. Things happen the way they happen.