#FitnessFlow: Black Girls Pole Edition [Video]



To kick off Vixen’s first ever PDA Week (Pole Dancing Awareness Week), we’re shining our spotlight on #BlackGirlsPole—the mind-blowing movement aiming to push the art of pole dancing to the next level for black women.

#BDP’s inaugural event, hosted by Body & Pole dance studio in NYC on June 21st, featured performances from some of the toughest pole princesses in the business, including current National Aerial Pole Dancing (NAPA) Champion Crystal Belcher and superstar Nicole “The Pole” Williams, who appeared in Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” video.

Stiletto-stomping out the shameful, exploitative stereotypes associated with the stunning art form, the event was a riotous celebration of black women’s sensuality and awesome athleticism. Women cheered each other on with encouragement and support as the dancers worked the pole, showing off their impressively tricks and tangles.

#BDP’s fierce founder, Dahlijah Franklin, hopes the movement will empower black women to discover their own sexiness:

“Pole dancing will take every women down a different path. It is a journey of discovery, both mental and physical. Black Girls Pole empowers the hidden strength that is dwelling inside, dying to be unleashed. You walk different, you feel different, and your body changes before your eyes. The confidence gained from this mind-blowing thing we call Black Girls Pole will help shape and change you into the courageous, sexy, strong black women you were called to be. We dare you to challenge yourself, and go on this journey.”

Peep her interview below and then click through for pics of the pretty pole play.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Gonzalez

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