#FitnessFlow: The Pole Dancing Survival Kit


When most people think of pole dancing, they tend to think of platforms, pasties, and precipitation. While sex appeal is still a prime factor, there are three main forms of the art form—the sport, the art, and the job. Pole dancing is ultimately a wild workout that consists of resistance training, cardio, and flexibility training. If you decide to take a shot at the sexy sport, here’s a quick checklist of some essentials and girly gear you might want to cop.

Photo’d Above:

Portable Pole $120

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Pole Dancing Mighty Grip Gloves in Metallic Silver $11.25

  •  Prevents injuries caused by sweaty bare hands slipping off the pole.
  • Adds layer of protection between your hands and the dance pole to protect your skin from calluses.
  • Helps grip the pole allowing you to do more advanced dance moves without slipping.
  • Great for beginners who are trying to build their strength.

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