Five Things We Learned At Soundwave Croatia

If Ibiza is the world’s clubbing mecca, then Croatia is the Wild West. Perhaps it’s the unique-to-Croatia festival vibe of drinking from midday onward in 100-degree heat, often half-naked on a boat, or a Brit-led culture of “Budgeted for Ibiza. Beers here 2 Euros. Am still going to spend €900” but we’ve been here seven weeks so far and we’ve seen afterparties where we couldn’t publish any of the photos, DJs headbutting each other at boat parties, DJs peeing off the back of boats, boat parties getting lost, DJs being facepainted on, Bros having aggressive ‘glitter-paint-offs’, earth shattering sets, pyrotechnics setting fire to bouncers’ eyebrows, DJs passing out mid-interview, club owners throwing tantrums, tour managers throwing tantrums, people spraying Belvedere, and people not wearing seatbelts in taxis. It’s gotten real.

Sometimes, at the halfway stage of an all out party it’s good to head to Room-2. Situated at the exact halfway point of the Croatian season, Soundwave Festival may just be the lazy-beach-party yang to Croatia’s screaming Ying. It’s been going since 2009, it’s one of the biggest of the several festivals on Croatia’s Tisno site (most famous for The Garden Festival) and it’s got one of the most alternate, eclectic line-ups out there. VIBE got the all clear from the clinic following Hideout, exited the hippy-commune following The Garden, removed the luminous facepaint following Ultra and went to check out a very different kind of festival. Here’s what we learned.

Photos and words by Ally Byers