Fly or Fail? Ciara Debuts New Hairstyle


Ciara Dreadlocks

Future’s influence on his fiancée has grown to her coif.

A few weeks ago the rapper gave fans a sneak peek of Ciara transformation during his Instagram shout out to her and his new son. Then, over the weekend the new mother officially debuted her new dreadlocks hairstyle on the same platform. Mimicking mini Future’s father, she posed in a mini photo shoot featuring the blonde to brown tresses.

“Back 2 Work and Im Obsessed…:),” CiCi captioned the pictures while posing in a Calvin Klein “Obsession” sweatshirt. She’s currently working on a new album that she promises will be her best music yet. “I will go on record saying so,” she told W Magazine. She also has her plate full of wedding plans for her her upscale wedding.

“Indoors and black tie,” the new mother told Brides Magazine. “For the palette, I’m not into loud colors. I like black and white, classic and clean. A few of our friends will sing and we’ll have a great DJ – good old soul mixed with new stuff. You want people to say, ‘This is my jam!'”

Flip the page to see more images of her hair and let us know if its a Fly or Fail.