Former Homeless Student Selling Obama Letter To Pay For Tuition

A personal note from President Barack Obama is being auctioned off by a former homeless student to pay for tuition.

In a letter to the Prez, posted on autograph dealer site Moments In Time, Jesse Grainger wrote, “As a child I had big dreams of going to college and doing great things with my life. You see, I came from a small town where most people were poor, especially my mother and me. My mom adopted me when I was one day old. She raised me to believe that education was the most important thing that I could ever get. My adopted mom died when I was thirteen years old.”

He was lost in child services and went without shelter before being taken in by a South Carolina family while attending junior college. He was then accepted into Winthrop University for a degree in social work but had to take out $10,000 in loans, of which he says, “I do not know how I am going to pay for it.”

The Prez then wrote him back in 2011 on official White House letterhead, offering advice on how to work with the homeless. “Thanks for your letter and your inspirational story. The best advice I can give you right now is finish your education.ā€

Now, Grainger is selling the note for $9,500 through Moments In Time. The letter ends on a positive note from Obama, “Iā€™m proud of you. Stay determined!ā€