The Funniest #AskThicke Tweets

If Robin Thicke wasn’t sure how America truly felt about him, he learned during his Twitter segment, #AskThicke.

On a promotional trail for his album Paula, he participated in VH1′s social media Q&A. And he got more than he bargained for—and then some. From rape-y questions (“When are you going to go back to the old Robin Thicke who wasn’t a sleazebag and made non-rape-ey songs”) to infidelity inquiries (“How often should I delete my internet search history? You strike me as the right person to ask.”) As always, the tweeters had zero chill.

We don’t know if we feel sorry for Robin’s bruised ego or the person who’s already been kicked off his team for advising him to do the Q&A. Either way, the Twittersphere took no mercy and we’re laughing our way through Wednesday.

Check out the funniest tweets from Robin’s #AskThicke segment on VIBE Vixen

Photo Credit: Getty Images