Funniest #BeforeMeloDecides Tweets

Carmelo Anthony tweets

After the NY Knicks 2013-2014 season came to an end and Carmelo Anthony was once again left ringless, rumors began swirling that he might be leaving New York to sign with another team.

It didn’t take long for prospectives to attempt to entice the power forward to ink a deal and chuck The Big Apple. Reportedly, Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers are gunning for him to rock their jerseys, but it’s still a likely possibility that he won’t hang up his home state attire anytime soon.

And while Melo weighs his options, the Twittersphere is torn making #BeforeMeloDecides a tasty trending topic. He still has a few more days until he’s eligible to sign a free agent contract (if he chooses), but the anticipation is still taxing. Started yesterday by a restless basketball fan, #BeforeMeloDecides will probably continue to trend until he actually makes a decision.

Get a kick out of the funniest #BeforeMeloDecides tweets.

Photo Credit: Twitter