The Game Shares His Thoughts On The G-Unit Reunion

The Game stopped by his neighborhood radio station Power 106 FM to talk to Big Boy about the G-Unit Reunion and his upcoming ventures. Last month, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks reclaimed their glory on the Summer Jam stage and finalized their reunion.

Flashbacks of G-Unit Radio mixtapes filled the air and fans anticipated their return. The only thing missing from the stage was The Game. After his falling out with 50, fans wished they could let bygones be bygones but such was not the case. Game says it was “cool” of 50 to reunite them but he may not need the money anymore. The other three members, however, could definitely use the funds. Ouch.

Here are some quotes from the interview:

Reflecting on being a part of The Unit
“At this point in my career, I think when G-Unit was at its strongest point I was a member of it and we did what we did and I think we moved on from that. They’re doing their thing and I’m doing mine.”

Thoughts about the reunion:
“I saw the picture and instantly thought that that was cool of [50 Cent],” explained Game. “With all the money he got, he don’t need music no more. He’s giving Banks, Yayo, and definitely Buck, because that’s my partner, a chance to get back out there and do shows and make more money. G-Unit the name will pack a building and they get to split that up and I think that’s cool. That was my first and only thought about it.”

Watch the whole sit-down for yourself up top.