GusGus Get “Obnoxiously Sexual” In New Video

Icelandic techno-pop collective GusGus named their newest album Mexico because they wanted to conjure a sense of the exotic. No small feat, considering they hail from a land where elves have been rumored to romp in volcanic saunas that double as aqueous discos. Fortunately, our homies from El “way” Norte, (Stephan Stephensen, Birgir Thorarinsson, Daníel Ágúst, and Högni Egilsson) come bearing more than ample ARP synths, left-field humor, fat beats, and slightly pervy videos to tackle the challenge. Expanding on the lush, dark, club-focused sound of their acclaimed previous album, Arabian Horse, GusGus slather a glistening layer of deep disco vocals onto their latest batch of tech-house tracks, elevating them to – gasp! – pop songs. “Obnoxiously Sexual,” the second single, keeps their highbrow bump-and-grind rolling with skittering hi-hats, corpulent bass lines, and ear-pricking, shady lyrics like “When you woke up, I guess you didn’t know I would steal you from your girlfriend.” [Wait, what?] The video, with its intercutting of contrasting shaky night-cam green and mushroom cloud amber hues, features pink flamingos, bikini-clad models, discarded disco balls, nipples (!), and tubes of garish lipstick. It has the feel of a back-of-the-closet VHS tape from your parents’ swinging days, if your parents were into role-playing “Last Tango in Paris” in rest-stop motels. Much has changed since GusGus emerged as a multimedia posse on 4AD almost 20 years ago, but one thing remains constant: nobody puts the art in party like GusGus. Mexico is out on Kompakt Records now. GusGus kick off a world tour in late July that hits the states in October. Check the clip and hit these links for more info.

October 2nd — U Street Music Hall, Washington DC, USA October 5th — Double Room, Chicago, USA October 6h — The Highline Ballroom, New York, USA October 8th — The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, USA October 9th — Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, USA