Here’s How Drake & Chris Brown Squashed Their Beef

When photos of Chris Brown and Drake in the studio together popped up on news feeds, a double take was certainly necessary. The two, who had been involved in a love triangle-based beef over Rihanna, was the last reunion we’d expect to see. And when they appeared in a skit together during the ESPYs, their “beef” officially became a thing of the past.

But who’s to thank for this reunion? According to TMZ, producer Mally Mall. In a video clip, Mall shares that he was responsible for Drizzy and Breezy talking things out.

“They were in Vegas, and that when we squashed the beef and stuff. I initiated it,” he said.

Mall also hinted at what Drake and Chris were cooking up in the studio together, without divulging any details (of course).

“They’re working on a project. I can’t really talk about what they’re working about or what’s going on, it’s gonna be some dope sh-t though. That’s for sure.”

A little insight was also given as to how the two handled the subject of Rihanna during their pow-wow. According to Mall, the Bajan bad gal’s name was not brought up.

“Nah, I think everybody gets the picture now. You act like a jumpoff, you get treated like one.”

Watch Mally Mall talk Chris Brown and Drake’s conflict resolution below.