How Photoshop Gave a Father His Daughter Back

 photoshop sophia original

Caution, reading this will restore your faith in humanity. Nathen Steffel, a father from Ohio, posted a simple request on online community, Reddit, and the responses he got were heartwarming.

Steffel just lost his six-week-old daughter, Sophia, on Thursday (June 10) due to birth complications. And though he and his wife were grateful for the short time the got to spend with their daughter, they wanted to remember their daughter without the tubes she was hooked to her whole life.

So Steffel sent out a request on Reddit, asking for someone to photoshop the tubes out of a picture he had taken of little Sophia while she was alive. The response was a swarm of pictures retouching the photo so well; you’d never have guessed she was sick.

Flip through the next few pages and see how Photoshop gave Steffel and his wife their little girl back.

Photo Credit: Reddit