Iggy Azalea Speaks About Her Authenticity

Since Forbes decided to post an (ill-advised) article on how Iggy Azalea “runs” hip hop, the blonde Aussie has been getting shade thrown at her from every direction. From K. Michelle to Nicki Minaj, people have been very vocal about their disdain for the newcomer. But Iggy doesn’t seem to notice.

In an interview with The Guardian this past Saturday (June 28), the rapper claimed she didn’t think any real artists had a problem with her sound. “I have never had any musicians tell me that I wasn’t authentic for being white and Australian,” said Iggy Azalea, “no one. Even I had a warped perception of how I would be received in this business. What I’ve come to realize is that it’s the people who write about music—or who are outside it in some way—who have a problem with what I am doing. The only true insiders are the musicians themselves.”

What do you think, Vixens? Does she have a point?

Photo Credit: Instagram