Interview: Elle Varner Talks Curving Meek Mill and Finding Her Sexy

Sexy is an adjective Elle Varner isn’t used to seeing next to her name. “Everyone doesn’t know I was two hundred pounds before. I was teased and bullied most of my life. So when people are looking at me, like, “Oh, she’s sexy!” and “She’s hot!” I’m like, “Who, what?!”

These past two years have been a roller-coaster for the 25-year-old jazzy soul singer. Since releasing her debut album, Perfectly Imperfect in 2012, Ms. Varner earned her first Grammy nomination and found love with New York Knicks player Iman Shumpert. Although the couple called it quits last year, Elle isn’t sitting around moping.

“I have some experiences under my belt. I’ve been through some shit, straight up. And I’m gonna share it with you,” she declares when describing her upcoming album, 4 Letter Word. This time, the girl with the signature big, curly hair who makes reading glasses look cool isn’t afraid to expose her vulnerability and insecurities.

During our candid interview, which felt more like sessions from a midnight sleepover, Elle opened up about love, heartbreak and shady friends. Read on to find out why her sophomore effort, due this fall, will have you asking for several refills. —Terry Carter Jr. (@WrittenByTerry)

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