Interview: Jagged Edge Says ‘J.E. Heartbreak Too’ Is A Return To ‘Real R&B’

Jagged Edge has some bonafide classics. From “Let’s Get Married” to “Promise” to “Walked Outta Heaven” to “I Gotta Be,” the ATL foursome has soundtracked some of your love life’s greatest highs and most cratered lows.

Now 14 years removed from its breakout LP J.E. Heartbreak, the group is revisiting the album with a sequel album that’s just as focused on pure R&B. Lead singer Brandon says the VIBE-premiered first single, “Hope,” is the perfect indication of the group’s direction on J.E. Heartbreak Too.

“We felt like at this point it was the record that’s most familiar to our fans in terms of what we do,” says Brandon. “The creative process right now—we all have been on one before, but we’re on one [Laughs].”

With Jermaine Dupri thumbing his phone in the cut, Jagged Edge sat down at the VIBE HQs to chop it up about their inspiration, how they’ve remained inspired after such a storied career, legacy, and what to expect from the new album. —John Kennedy

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