Is Arlen Escarpeta a Convincing Bobby Brown?

Yaya Dacosta and Arlen Escarpeta

Last week Entertainment Weekly revealed the first image of Yaya Dacosta as Whitney Houston for the upcoming Lifetime biopic Whitney. The previous criticism over casting her was silenced when the ANTM alum transformed into an uncanny version of the late singer. Rocking a red lip, curl tresses, and white tank synonymous to her 1980s self-titled album cover, people cheerfully tweeted their enthusiasm of her role, (“Good on you Yaya DaCosta on earning the role of the great Whitney Houston in the movie about her life…its a good look :)”).

Unfortunately the response to Dacosta’s casted hubby Arlen Escarpeta isn’t unanimously great. The NY Post reveal of the fictional Bobby Brown features him in a dark tank and denim pants while donning Brown’s signature ’80s jeri curl.

Unable to find a humorous joke about him, most of Twitter is confused on whether the casting was correct for Whitney’s estranged husband. But looks aside, the biopic’s director Angela Bassett is on board with her newcomer cast.

“It is no easy feat for an actor to come into a room, bare their soul, to open themselves up to these words, this process, and these people,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “It’s not like, Oh my gosh, I have six good choices for Bobby. No, you don’t, you have two. Searching for weeks and only two rise to the top. They had different qualities that are like Bobby. You’ve gotta be like, which way do you want to go?”

What do you think Vixens? Are you feeling the casted Bobby Brown? Who else would’ve been a better fit?

Photo Credit: Jack Zeman/Lifetime 2014