Jackson Family Reality Series Coming To Reelz

The Jacksons’ bubble is set to burst as Reelz gears up for a new reality TV series on the mysterious family.

Living With the Jacksons will be a six-part series on Reelz, offering viewers a glimpse into the uber-private world of the Jackson family as it focuses on Michael Jackson’s sister-in-law, Alejandra Jackson and her five children, AP reports.

Alejandra is the ex-wife of Jermaine Jackson, with whom she shares two sons, Jaafar and Jermajesty. She is also the mother of Randy Jr. and Genevieve, who she had with Jermaine’s brother Randy Jackson prior to their marriage (sips tea). The single mother has also raised Donte since he was 2-years-old after being adopted by Katherine and Joe Jackson.

Five years after the sudden death of Michael, Alejandra and her brood left the Jackson family estate, a move that may not have been on their own terms. “We didn’t want it to happen that way,” Genevieve Jackson said this past weekend at the summer TV critics’ tour.

The show will follow their journey of living outside of the estate for the very first time and explore “the charmed and cursed life” that comes with the Jackson name, a media release from Reelz says.

“People already had a preconceived judgment of us and we weren’t speaking,” Randy Jr. said. “Now we feel comfortable enough to show how we really are.”

Living With the Jacksons will debut on Nov. 18.