Jay Z Gets Emotional While Writing ‘Seen It All’ Verse

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Jeezy and Jay Z released their collaborative effort “Seen It All” in late June, but this by far is a more intimate look at Mr. Carter than his fans are used to. The Magna Carta rapper shed light on his days of dealing, a huge difference from the Basquiat and high end designer references we’ve grown accustom to as of late. In an interview with MTV during a video shoot for “Me Okay,” Jeezy revealed that Jay’s “Seen It All” verse brought the Brooklyn lyricist to tears. “We got on the line and he was like, ‘Yo G, when I was writing the verse I had tears in my eyes, man,’ because it took him so far back to Marcy,” said Jeezy. “Uncle died on the spot/Pop killed the family with heroin shots/Gave my life to the block” rapped Hov, who Jeezy says knocked his verse out in 40 minutes tops. The two are no strangers to collaborations from their hits “Go Crazy” and “Real As It Gets,” but Jay already claims “Seen It All” as their best work to date. Watch the interview up top.