Jay-Z Will Headline Free Concert in NYC

Jay-Z will headline a fall concert in New York’s Central Park, but don’t bother hitting up ticketmaster.com just yet—you won’t be able to purchase any tickets. They’ll be given away for free.

The Global Poverty Project will hold its third annual free Global Citizen Festival on September 27 to spread awareness on poverty around the world in a major way.

“I’m joining the 2014 Global Citizen Festival because I believe through actions, whether it be by raising awareness, getting involved or educating ourselves, the goal to end extreme poverty by 2030 is possible”, said HOV. “Change only takes place when and where there is action.”

Along with Jay-Z, other performers will include Fun, Carrie Underwood, The Roots, Tiesto, and No Doubt.

Want a ticket to the big event? You can win one of 48,000 free tickets by earning action points on the Global Citizen website. Each action is worth a certain number of points and you need at least eight points to enter to win the free passes. There will be five drawings throughout the summer and you can enter up to six times.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images