Joe Budden Vs. Hollow The Don: The HOT97 Interview (Video)


Joe Budden and battle rap phenomenon Hollow The Don chopped it up with radio personality Ebro on Hot 97’s The Morning Show about their much anticipated Total Slaughter battle.

There’s a unwritten rule that says rappers with record deals shouldn’t step into the battle arena with hungry, skillful, and metaphor-laden MCs. When asked why he’s stepping into the battle jungle with Hollow, the Slaughterhouse MC said that he’s doing it for hip-hop. “I wouldn’t be here if he was incompetent. I wouldn’t agree to this, this would be pointless, Budden said. “Of all the people that I’ve dissed in my career, I’ve had an immense respect for.”

Budden added that this epic battle with The Don is a no-lose situation and hip-hop will win.

While the New Jersey native stayed humble, for the most part, during the interview, The Don got his dis on. “He’s a pain freak. He likes this shit. He likes to be embarrassed so people can feel sorry for him,” Don said. “He likes this type of shit, so how do you embarrass somebody that likes to get embarrassed?”

Recently, rapper Canibus stepped into the rap battle arena only to further damaged his already damaged rap career after he pulled out his rhyme pad during a battle.

Total Slaughter, which is backed by multi-platinum selling artist Eminem, will feature battles between Joe Budden and Hollow The Don and Murda Mook and Loaded Lux, takes place tomorrow (July 12) at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom.