Kanye West Debuts 20 New Songs in London

All is right with the world when Kanye West debuts 20 new songs.

After Drake backed out of his headlining gig at London’s Wireless Festival this past weekend, Kanye West was snagged as a replacement. Even though he got booed during a 15-minute rant, it didn’t ruin his mood. At a private party he hopped in the DJ booth and unveiled 20 new songs, according to KanyeToThe.com. People in attendance took to Twitter to gush over what they were hearing, calling the sounds “dark” and “hellish.” Since there have been rumors and bogus album covers commencing, it can be assumed that these tracks may be for his upcoming album, but nothing has been confirmed.

@T_H_E_18: @UKJasonPowell Describe to us the sound using three non-generic words.” ‘Dark’, ‘hellish’ and ‘groundshaking!’

— Jason Powell (@UKJasonPowell) July 6, 2014


RT @Lakersfan20001 @UKJasonPowell howd the song sound >> he played about 20 new tracks. All hard! We reckon its research for his new album

— Jason Powell (@UKJasonPowell) July 6, 2014

Photo Credit: Instagram