Kanye West Rants At London’s Wireless Festival

After stepping up to headline London’s Wireless Festival in Drake’s absence, Kanye West stuck to the script and delivered another one of his now-signature rants. Discussing the frequent topics of his limitations as a celebrity in the fashion world, West name-dropped the usual suspects and reiterated his intentions.

“I’m not particularly angry or nothing like that, but what I’m saying is they take the idea of celebrity and try to make it seem like I’m stupid or something,” he said.

Yeezy called out Nike and Louis Vuitton in particular, as he has for quite some time. He shared that his fight against those brands was representative of the fight for all creative people. He also discussed his mask, another now-signature component of his show.

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“That’s why I got this fucking mask on, ‘cause I ain’t worried about saving face. Fuck my face – that sounded wrong. Pause,” he laughed. “But fuck whatever my face is supposed to mean, and fuck whatever Kanye is supposed to mean. It’s about my dreams. It’s about anybody’s dreams.”

Kanye also expressed his adamance about achieving his ambitions, separating the idea of trying from actually doing with an anecdote about his wife, Kim Kardashian.

“I told Kim 7 years ago: ‘I’m gonna marry you.’ I didn’t say I was gonna try,” he said. “And I’m telling you right now as I stand on this stage: all the shit that you heard me talking about, I’m a come and back all that shit up.”

This was all reportedly met by some disdain from the audience. Watch Kanye West take his rant to the Wireless Festival stage above.