Keke Palmer + Twitter Respond to Karrueche Interview

Rihanna’s Navy is so fiercely protective of their queen, they can be more intimidating than her pack of swollen security goons. BET released a snippet of Keke Palmer’s Just Keke interview with Karrueche Tran yesterday (July 14), about her role in the infamous love triangle between her, Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Although the model’s comments on the situation were mild—albeit tearful—the Navy was not here for her appearance on the show at all. Tweets and comments swarmed the new talk show host’s notifications, calling her names and accusing her of trying to boost ratings by using their beloved Rihanna’s name.

But isn’t that what a talk show is for? Aren’t producers supposed to aim for high ratings and feature stories that are sure to keep viewers interested? Keke Palmer sure seemed to think so as she responded to her critics via Instagram and Twitter about the Karrueche interview. Check out what she had to say in the next few pages.

Photo Credits: Twitter and Instagram


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