Kendrick Lamar Recorded ’30 To 40 New Songs’ For His Next Album

Kendrick Lamar’s pen game has garnered fans, if not respect, for his rap work. After his debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city pushed over 1.2 million copies and his controversial bars on “Control,” the 27-year-old rapper has been quietly hard at work on the gkmc follow-up.

The MC formerly known as KDot sat down with Complex for their August/ September issue, revealing very little about his next project yet increasing the thirst for it.

But now that Kendrick, 27, is a hysteria-inducing star, the world is waiting to see if he can deliver twice. Expectations are high. After good kid, good simply won’t be good enough. Unlike GKMC, which Kendrick planned years in advance, there’s no cover art in mind for the follow-up. As for a title, Kendrick says he’s “flirting with ideas.” He’s been working primarily with TDE’s in-house producers, Tae Beats and Sounwave of Digi+Phonics, but has also gotten in the studio with Dr. Dre. He’s still just “getting his ideas down,” but so far Kendrick’s recorded 30 to 40 new songs for the album (he recorded 60 to 70 songs for GKMC). He says he’ll be ready for a fourth quarter release.

But no pressure, though. He tells ‘Plex that his only competition is himself.

“If I keep focusing on, ‘I need to make something better than good kid,’ it’s going to be just that,” says Kendrick. “That’s not challenging yourself. I don’t want to become that person reflecting on what has been done. What I’m doing now is the question. I’m only as good as my last word, my last hook, my last bridge.”

Kendrick also discusses that little text Macklemore sent him after the Grammys. “It wasn’t really a huge deal for me. Macklemore deserves the accolades. That’s still my partner regardless. He probably didn’t need to Instagram the text. But what’s done is done.”

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