Kim Kardashian Game To Reel In $200 Million

Kim Kardashian Game

Wanna be Kim Kardashian? Well, there?’s actually an app for that.

Kim teamed up with GluMobile Inc. for the creation of her own gaming app Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and since its arrival in both Apple and Android app stores last month, the project is on track to make $200 million dollars in annual revenue, Bloomberg News reports. GluMobile is also making a pretty penny off of the Kim Kardashian game with their shares reaching 42 percent since the initial release.

The app lets users take a walk in Kim’s pricey heels by working their way up to A-list status. (See important lessons you’ll learn from playing this game via Vulture) And as expensive as Mrs. West’s lifestyle may be, the app is absolutely free to download.

Watch the demo on VIBE.