Kim Kardashian Delivers Mommy Tips to ‘Romy And The Bunnies’

Since giving birth to North West, Kim Kardashian hasn’t been shy about sharing her journey to motherhood with anyone who will listen. This week, she’s gushing over her baby girl to “Romy And The Bunnies,” a lifestyle blog dedicated to the working woman. In addition to calling motherhood “the most rewarding feeling,” she also talks about her fave mother/daughter activities and the challenges she’s faced so far.

Check out some of the interview below.

What do you find the most challenging in being a mother?

“I took a hiatus after I had the baby, and found it challenging to start working again because I didn’t want to spend any time away, but you adjust and prioritize, and just figure it out!”

What is your favorite thing to do together with North? What would be for example a perfect day?
“My absolute favorite thing is taking a nap with her. We cuddle and fall asleep holding each other.
Its my favorite time just snuggling with her.”
What tip would you give to any busy working mom to balance career and motherhood?
“It is an adjustment trying to balance a career and motherhood for sure, but the key is to prioritize.
You become more selective and work on projects that are so meaningful because you want every other waking moment spent with your family. You have to remember though to make time for yourself. If you feel good, you will be happy in your career and family life and everyone is happy!”
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Photo Credit: Instagram