Kim Kardashian’s 13 Best Style Moments (Post Kanye)


I was always a firm believer in never letting your man dress you, but in the case of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West I have graciously taken one for the team.

We’ve rightfully been calling Kim’s journey of a fashion upgrade (thanks to Mr. West): the “Kim Kardashian style evolution” due to the impressive damage control her husband did in just two short years. We can already imagine the outspoken rapper saying, “Body cons, beat it. Valley girl hair extensions, hate it. Heavy makeup, never again. Should I continue?” Kanye did an absolute 180 on this chick and we love it. From the body con babe of reality TV to polished and poised stylish mother of one, it’s apparent that he upgraded her. I mean they made it to the cover of Vogue.

Vixens, what do you think about Kim’s style transformation? Love it or hate it?

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Photos Credit: Getty Images