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Homecoming: 10 Songs LeBron James Should Listen To

LeBron James is on his way back to his home city of Cleveland to lace up for the Cavaliers. Not everyone’s on board with his decision (particularly, salty Heat fans). But LeBron is confident that he’s on a path to continued greatness. What’s on his mind during his momentous homecoming? Here, 10 songs that serve as the perfect soundtrack.

1. “Sorry, Blame It On Me” – Akon

What better way to (further) convey that you’re sorry for leaving than with this self-deprecating apology ballad by Akon? The people of Cleveland were hurt when Lebron James skipped town for Miami. The Cavaliers had several dismal seasons. Property values even tanked. James can take the wrap for everything as he sings along to this.

2. “Love Me Again” – John Newman

“I need to know now, know now. Can you love me again?” LBJ sings as he enters Quicken Loans Arena. LeBron should cue up British soul singer John Newman’s heartfelt take-me-back song because we all make mistakes. Cheers to the peeps who take us back.

3. “Just Give Me A Reason” – Pink

The lovefest continues with Pink’s 2013 “Just Give Me A Reason.” Cavs fans burned jerseys and anything remotely LeBron related when he left for South Beach. However, Pink and song collaborator Nate Ruess remind us that it’s never too late to forgive and forget. LeBron and Cleveland aren’t broken; they can certainly learn to love again.

4. “Fall Back 2 U” – Chromeo

Bron Bron must’ve listened to Chromeo before his return. Love letter to your “ex”? Check. Plan to get back? Check. Put things motion and fall back? Yahtzee!

5. “305 to My City” – Drake

Drake narrates the journey of an enterprising exotic dancer who travels from Miami to Toronto on “305 to My City.” LeBron James doesn’t dance for dollars, but we’re sure the people of Cleveland are just as excited as Drizzy was. They brought him right back just so they could relive it.

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