Did Lil Wayne Reveal ‘Tha Carter V’ Release Date?

Spoiler alert: Lil Wayne may have just told the world when his next album Tha Carter V is dropping. In an interview with MTV News, he mentioned that the LP was finished and although he stumbled on the exact date, MTV managed to get him to narrow it down to this summer.

Weezy threw around a couple of dates like August 25th and 29th. He also battled between the months of July, August, and September. The point is his final project will be out within a few months. And for those tracks that didn’t make the cut, they will be comprised into a follow-up album called D.O.A, which stands for Da Other Album, scheduled to drop two months after his final installment.

Wayne wasn’t kidding when he said he’s done with solo albums. He told MTV back in March, it would take “25 to 35 million [dollars]” to get him back in the lab to produce another solo project. Although he’s open to features in the future, he says, “It seems like it’d be impossible for me to work this hard again for anything else.”

Check out the full interview above.