Listen: Jennifer Hudson Teams Up With R. Kelly For ‘It’s Your World’

Jennifer Hudson is definitely channeling a vintage R&B sound on her as-yet-untitled third LP. Current single “Walk It Out” has a slinky ’90s vibe courtesy of super-producer Timbaland, while just-surfaced R. Kelly duet “It’s Your World” takes it all the way back to the ’70s with disco-referencing production and politically incorrect lyrics.

There’s always something vaguely unsettling about female artists collaborating with the “Ignition” singer (see Lady Gaga‘s “Do What U Want”). That goes double when the lyrics sound like something from a 1950s guide to homemaking. “Anything that you want from me, boy you can get it any time, any place,” coos Jennifer over strings and bass. “I’ll be your servant, your slave.” It gets even more uncomfortable from there.

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