Luke James Receives Backlash After Girlfriend Reveal


Luke James Receives Backlash After Girlfriend Reveal


Luke James and love go together like peanut butter and chocolate, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Mr. James has a new love of his own. According to James, his “good feeling” has taken him a while to get to openly. Unfortunately, some of his fans aren’t too happy about the new women in his life.

James posted the pic of his unnamed lady on his Instagram account, and then elected to take it down after commentators criticized her for not being Black (from what they could see). Critics also attacked James, labeling him as a sellout for falling for a woman who didn’t share his skin tone.

In rebuttal to critics (really, just plan haters), James sent out the following note:


With support from those close to him James decided to repost the photo of his special someone with this updated caption:

“it’s taken me a minute to feel this good. and being open about it (outside of song)is another step toward my happiness. I’m sorry I let some little words f*ck with my mind which in turn my heart.never again. | so like was saying… I fasheaux can’t wait to get home to my woman | LOVE (a highfive to those who just beat up on me for taking it down).”

Love is a beautiful thing and to beat it down for a reason like race, is ugly. You would think people would let love be. Unfortunately, sometimes love is war and this goes to show that Luke James is a solider.

Photo Credit: Instagram via Luke James/ Instagram via Danielle Young on BPNEXT

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