Making Of: DJ Cassidy And R. Kelly Talk Recording ‘Make The World Go Round’


DJ Cassidy is on a mission to go back to the future.

The Manhattan-bred jockey has been toiling away at his debut album, Paradise Royale, which unites some of the most prolific musicians of the ’70s and ’80s soul era with today’s greatest voices, from Usher to Mary J. Blige to Chromeo to Robin Thicke.

For his second single, “Make The World Go Round,” Cassidy recruited R&B legend R. Kelly to write and record a timelessly irresistible dance record—after a 20 month pursuit. In this exclusive behind-the scenes clip on set of the video for DJ Cassidy and Kellz’s certified smash, the duo—along with the likes of Marcus Miller and Wah Wah Watson—talk about the process in recording each piece of the record, proving the chase was completely worth it.

Cassidy was overjoyed by the final track.

“I literally remember him kind of dancing around the room in his studio and me just sitting there almost—from the outside I probably looked just very unemotional,” Cassidy told VIBE yesterday via phone. “I was just literally sitting there taking in the moment, taking in the song and couldn’t believe that I was sitting there with R. Kelly playing me a record that he recorded for me. And it was incredible.

He continues: “I was almost speechless, and I was just like, ‘Holy shit. I don’t even know what to say. Play it again.’ And after he played it again, I got up and fucking jumped on his back. I was so excited. It was a great moment.”

Check out R. Kelly and DJ Cassidy’s reflection on the hit record, the instrumentalists that build the beat and the video, fittingly shot in the Chi. —John Kennedy