Naomi Campbell Presents Special Golden Gift to World Cup Winner, Germany


What’s more beautiful, Ms. Naomi Campbell or those 24 karat gold dipped Beat’s Pro Headphones? We say both!

To celebrate Germany, the 2014 World Cup winner, the team was bestowed with 23 beautiful golden gifts for each player from the trendsetting audio technology brand, Beats. It’s also not too bad that the company was able to snag high profile model and ageless beauty Naomi Campbell for the portrait, who in her own right is soccer-obsessed.

We know your next question is how to purchase these babies and make them yours. Sorry, a true prized possession, the gold headphones are one-of-a-kind as they are not on the market for sale, just a special gift for the men of Germany.

Apparently, the perks of being a winner are sweet or should we say golden? Congrats to Germany!

Photo Credit: Beats by Dre