Vixen Must Know: National Food Holidays in July

Ben and Jerrys food holidays
Who knew there were so many food holidays for so many different edible items?
Did you know that July is national ice cream month or that Sunday was National Fried Chicken Day? Yeah we didn’t either, but if we did we would’ve been smacking down on some wings before dousing our sweet tooth in our favorite flavor of ice cream. Food brings unexplainable joy and we’re providing you with 31 new reasons to smile. Our inner food critic is coming out and we’re counting the eatery holidays that fall during the first full month of Summer.
Make your Tuesday a little more bearable and jot down these noteworthy foodie fiestas on your calendar.
July 1
Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
National Gingersnap Day
All Photos Credit: Instagram (unless noted otherwise)

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