National Lipstick Day: Celebs That Can Pull off Bold Lip Color

Rihanna attends MAC Viva Glam NYC launch

Can you believe it’s National Lipstick Day? Actually can you believe a day to honor the shades and hues we fawn over exist? Now that we know July 29th is cosmetic christmas, we’re here to celebrate. Thanks to Hollywood starlets constantly creating new shades like Rihanna’s Ruby Woo or the daring makeover like Kim’s sexy goth dark lips, we’re always dubbing a new shade of the season. And our obsession for bold and bright lip coloring is quickly increasing as celebs rock it effortlessly for us to take notes.

The history of the color palette we smear lavishly on our lips wasn’t all color testing and lip pouting. For centuries society had a love/hate relationship with the trend. From labeling women as prostitutes or giving men the option to annul their marriage at the hands of the swivel tube, we’ve come a long way and a lot of colors to finally celebrate our lips. While red is unanimously revered as the alluring shade of sophistication and sex appeal, the color chambers are expanding as women embrace more dark and less-dainty colors.

Celebrate National Lipstick Day with celebrities who rocked bold lips that we loved.


Photo Credit: Getty