New On Blu Ray & DVD: Rio 2, Under The Skin, The Face Of Love, & Open Grave

For this week’s installment for new on Blu-ray and DVD, there are four movies that will be hitting stores’ shelves this week. First up is the animated kid friendly film Rio 2 that stars Anne Hathaway and Jessie Eisenberg as two fluffy birds living their life in Rio. Next up is Sci-Fi drama Under The Skin, where Scarlett Johanson plays a sultry and seductive alien in human disguise who lures men into her home. Amy Brenneman stars alongside Ed Harris and Robin Williams in the love story Face Of Love, and closing out the new Blu-ray and DVD selection is the horror flick Open Grave, where a man wakes up in a giant pit of dead bones and has no memory of how he got there. Check out the new movies in the video above.