News Anchor Uses the Term ‘Colored Woman’ on Air

Michelle Burdo, a CBS Atlanta news anchor, experienced a mental lapse when she used the term “colored woman” during a live news broadcast. To make an awkward situation worst the news segment involved a Black hair care expert. Fail.

This moment came about when Burdo said, “Let me tell you something, I’m not a colored woman but I have kinky hair just like her and when you straighten it every day, it’s…” Then she paused. Burdo filled the empty air by saying, “healthier.”

Realizing her slip-up, Burdo apologized today for the mistake stating, “Yesterday, I made a pretty insensitive remark during one of our segments here on Better Mornings Atlanta. I apologize… Once again, I truly want to say from the bottom of my heart that I really am sorry about that comment. I made that comment in reference to my hair color but I used an inappropriate term.”

What do you think Vixens? Was it a simple slip-up? Is the term “colored woman” offensive?

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