Is Nick Cannon Gearing Up To Play Richard Pryor?

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If you were wondering what was up with the ‘fro Nick Cannon has been sporting recently, it seems the new look may have to do with preparing for a coveted biopic role. The comedian/actor/rapper is doing some research for a movie on the life of comedic legend Richard Pryor. The rumor mill began churning earlier this year with reports that Lee Daniels, director of The Butler, would be at the helm of a Pryor-based film. And though Marlon Wayans’ name was also in the hat for the starring role, Cannon tells MTV News that he is getting prepared. “I’m doing the work; I’m working right now,” he said. “It’s a coveted role. So I don’t really want to play with it in a sense to where it’s like ‘Oh yeah, this is the next thing I’m doing,’ or anything like that. Not to brag on it but i’m doing the work right now. As anybody who wants to take this craft seriously, you gotta go in there and do everything you gotta do.” SEE ALSO: Stand-Up Guys: Nick Cannon Speaks On Richard Pryor’s Influence While Cannon did not confirm that anything was set in stone, he did detail his experience with Pryor’s work, sharing that the legend’s work was among his first impressions as a comedian. “It’s one of those things where I’ve always known and been familiar with things like Mudbone and ‘the junkie and the wino’ routine,” he said. “It’s interesting now that i’m doing a lot of the research and actually digging really deep and trying to find every piece of work that he ever laid his hands on.” But Mr. Mariah Carey is not out of the woods just yet. TMZ has reported that Pryor’s family prefers Wayans for the role. And in an effort to not jump the gun, Cannon is mums the word on just how much is official. “The movie is not in production. Let’s just say that,” he said. Watch Nick Cannon talk studying Richard Pryor in the video above.