Nicki Minaj On Made-Under Look: ‘Not Sure I’ll Continue With It’

The day the Barbz cried.

While promoting her new scent Minajesty Exotic Edition, which will become available to the public on HSN this Friday (July 11), Nicki Minaj chatted with Glamour about getting dolled up, her new fragrance and her make-up bag contents. The most eye-popping, though? Her informal declaration that her fresh-faced made-under look won’t be here to stay.

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Lipstick: A few months ago you told us you felt sexier with pared-down hair and makeup. Do you think understated beauty is a direction you’ll continue with?
Nicki Minaj: Not sure if I’ll continue with it. In fact, I’m sure I won’t. I’ll mix it up. It’s just how I feel at the moment.

Lipstick: So, when you want to feel your best, what makeup look do you wear?
Lashes tend to make me feel prettier. In my downtime, I don’t use them, but for shoots, when I put them on, they definitely add a boost of confidence.

Lipstick: Speaking of shoots, what has been the most helpful beauty tip you’ve learned from a hairstylist or makeup artist?
I learned how to do brows and eye liner by watching one of my makeup artists. I think every woman should at least be able to do that. It adds a pop of glamour to a fresh face.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/ NICKIMINAJ

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