Nicki Minaj Points Out Racial Biases With Booty Pics, Chrissy Teigen Responds

Nicki Minaj’s bootylicious “Anaconda” cover artwork still has the masses talking. Now that the shock value and utter thirst has died down, Nicki is claiming that all the hoopla surrounding her assets is unnecessary. In her eyes, when other models of smaller size and different ethnicities flaunt their cheeks in full view, it’s perfectly normal, but when she does it, it’s “unacceptable.” She took to Instagram to provide examples to back up her argument. Among the snapshots labeled “acceptable” was Chrissy Teigen’s recent Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. In her usual joke-like fashion, Chrissy Teigen responded to her referenced derriere:

Her following responses were directed less towards Nicki and more towards her die-hard Barbz, who took her four word response as shade: