Opinion: Why Jay Electronica Is Already A Legend Without A Debut LP

Jay Electronica doesn’t need to ever drop an album. Sure it’d be dope, but the fact is he’ll be immortalized with or without a debut LP. If anything, not having an official release will only keep him perfect. See, an album might run the risk of him releasing a bad song, which hasn’t happened yet. And at this rate, it maybe never will. Nobody sounds like Jay Elec. His patterns, delivery, and cadence don’t draw comparisons to any emcee you know, dead or alive. And lyrically, no way. His words read and sound like ancient manifestos beamed in from afar. Strange and riddled with references few will pick up on, he lays them before us with no explanation. But you know what? There’s an audience for it. Despite what the radio might have us believe, there are still hip-hop progressives that desire to think and be challenged. And fans of Jay Elec treat his every word and utterance like its gospel, without blemish. Ever since he dropped the cryptic Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), he’s been hailed by many as the future, the purist hip-hop savior. Hold a listener’s attention for 15 straight minutes, no drums, no hook, and the glory is yours, brother. Done deal. That thing is moody and meandering and plain beautiful. If you think it’s boring, which I’ve heard people say, then slap yourself two times right quick. Nice.

Just facts: If he chooses, Jay Elec can just sprinkle the earth with songs every few months and be good. He’ll tour, make waves, and remain in hip-hop’s consciousness. His messages will resonate and his career will continue to flourish. Of course he’ll attract some hate and angst from fans but that’s only because they love him so damn much and would kill a real human being for a full-length from their hero. Need proof that Jay Elec doesn’t need an album in order to live forever? Here are seven songs that just might murder your favorite rappers entire catalog. —Juan Vidal Exhibit A

Exhibit C
Shiny Suit Theory Feat. The-Dream and Jay Z
Better In Tune With The Infinite Feat. Latonya Givens
Swagger Jackson’s Revenge
The Announcement Feat. John F Kennedy
We Made It (Remix) Feat. Jay Z