Don’t Worry, Phaedra Parks Isn’t Leaving ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ (Yet)

The originator of “Fix it, Jesus” isn’t exiting stage left just yet. When The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns in November, Phaedra Parks will be there, despite rumors that she’s leaving the popular reality TV show.

According to TMZ, the Southern belle has been filming for almost a month with her husband Apollo Nida. Season 7 of RHOA is set to focus on Parks coming to grips with her newfound reality as the wife of a (re)convicted felon.

This past May, Apollo pleaded guilty to identity theft and bank fraud. He’s about to serve eight years in prison, which has uprooted his marriage and may even spell divorce.

During a radio interview, Apollo openly stated that he doubts the couple will stay together. Way to believe in your marriage?

In light of all this, Phaedra may opt out of the ratchetness for a moment to attend to family matters. We can’t blame her.