Pharrell Gushes About Genius Son, Rocket

Pharrell’s genius is apparently genetic. During a press conference announcing his voyeur into the video game world with NBA2K15 (July 14), Pharrell also opened up about his intelligent 5-year-old son, Rocket.

“My son teaches me, it’s crazy, he teaches me [about games],” he said, according to ABC News.

It even took the superproducer by surprise. “This is one of those times in your life when you’re like think about that one interview when someone asked you a serious question and that just hit me just now, when you asked me about my son and my answer to you is ‘He teaches me,’ like that’s bizarre to me.”

While Mr. Happy has checked off many feats on his To-Do list including scoring films, topping charts and designing threads, he hints that this NBA2K15 project could open the doors for future collabos with video games. “I was just talking to them [representatives from 2K] off camera about an idea …I’ve always wanted to do something in the Sims world too.”