Phone Jack: DJ Muggs Shares Private Photos


We’ve all gone “Insane In The Membrane” at some point in our lives and none of that would have been possible if it wasn’t for Cypress Hill’s founding member, DJ Muggs. Since the inception of Cypress Hill, Muggs has created quite the name for himself. Muggs has collaborated with A$AP Rocky, Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish,Chuck D, Dizzee Rascal, Freddie Gibbs, Danny Brown, Belle, Humble, Roc Marci, and Killa P. It is no surprise that when flipping through Muggs photos on his phone, you will find photos of him with hip-hop legends like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre or the graffiti legend Shepard Fairey.

Following his immense success with his solo and collaborative work, Muggs has created a new project called Cross My Heart Hope To Die with producer Andrew Kline, singer Brevi, and curator Sean Bonner. Muggs is gearing up to release his second EP with Alpha Pup Records with his mulit-media 4 piece band Cross My Heart Hope To Die which sounds like a cross between a Tarantino score mixed with the sounds of Portishead.

Cross My Heart Hope to Die is back has given Vibe their 1st two singles from their upcoming ep, Vita E Morte, due out July 29th on Alpha Pup Records. First single, “Two Shots” picks up right where their last self-titled EP left off, and the song hits hard with an ominous organ line, dynamic drums, catchy guitar lines, and dark conflicted lyrics that you cant get out of your head. Combining vintage sounds with modern production techniques, “Two Shots” would be the perfect score for a 70’s Italio-Crime film or a contemporary Tarantino movie.

Their second single, “Tears of God” is a mixture of hip-hop, rock, and something that is fit for a spaghetti western film. Brevi’s vocals float above the twangy guitar riffs and hard-hitting percussion bed. If these two singles are any indicator of the caliber of production from this new super group then who knows what sort of amazing tracks lay within Vita E Morte.

Cross My Heart Hope to Die is the eclectic multimedia project of Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs, With the upcoming release of “Vita E Morte” as well as a full gallery exhibition at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects, where they’ll be making their debut live performance on July 26. Cross My Heart Hope To Die will continue to move forward and redefine themselves every step of the way. “This is not your average ride…”

Listen to the first two singles “Two Shots and “Tears of God” while you check out the latest photos we snagged from DJ Muggs phone. >>>>>>>>>>>>>