Product Review: Get Beach Waves in 5 Simple Steps with ‘Lotta Body’


Who doesn’t love having hair with a “Lotta Body”?

While the summertime heat prevails, I decided to ditch my bone straight mane and opt for more festive, beach waves. You know, that effortlessly sexy and bed head chic look our favorite celebrity Vixens have been rocking recently.

In five simple steps you too can have your own rendition of this seasons must-have beach waves. Follow accordingly:

  1. Follow your normal hair washing routine, but use only a dime-sized amount of conditioner to ends of hair (with this casually cool hair style the less product you use, the better, so it looks more natural).
  2. Leave hair wet, sectioning into various parts (how many parts you section is dependent upon how big or small you want your waves to be).
  3. Apply a liberal amount of Wrap Me Foaming Mousse to hair, which will eliminate frizz and define waves. Then braid the sectioned hair.
  4. Sleep with a satin bonnet to protect your precious mane overnight.
  5. Unbraid hair and finger comb waves to your liking. Apply a small amount of Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion to hair for added shine and hold throughout the day so your waves don’t fall.

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Photo Credit: Lotta Body / Instagram

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