Product Review: Get Beach Waves in 5 Simple Steps with ‘Lotta Body’

Personal Thoughts: To begin, the revamp of the Lotta Body brand is great, as the product overall looks more appealing and not as generic as it previously did. I think both the Foaming Mousse and Setting Lotion did an awesome job achieving the beach look on my brazilian extensions. The product is definitely something I could use on a daily basis when wearing a wash and go style on hotter days. Although I do like the Setting Lotion, I would probably only use the Foaming Mousse instead because using both might result in unwanted product build up and may weigh the hair  down more than I like.

Pros: Smell, Both are lightweight, Contains hydrating oils, Dries quickly

Cons: A tad bit sticky on hands, Didn’t see a big difference in shine in Setting Lotion

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Tags: Beauty, hair