Ray J Admits He Regrets Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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That infamous sex tape featuring pre-Yeezy Kim Kardashian that heated up porn hubs in 2007, still haunts it’s cocksure costar, Ray J. So much so, that he’s still singing about to this day—with his new single “Never Shoulda Did That.”

The song mentions several things that the singer has regretted over the years, including “f***ing b**ches on camera, shouldn’t a did that s**t,” referring to the Kim K hook up that went viral.

Some of the other incidents that have caused Ray J to feel remorse include “getting high in Vegas… cursing out his friends… f*ck a hoe with no condoms… and poppin all these pills.”

The star also used the video to apologize to his ex-girlfriend Princess Love, who he also features in the video, by mentioning the time when he “got drunk in the club and fucked that bitch, and you found her in the house on the couch butt naked.”

The black and white video that accompanies the song was directed by Ray J himself and even features a Kim Kardashian lookalike, who he gets freaky with leaving his main in tears.

Don’t worry Ray J, we’re sure that Kim Kardashian doesn’t regret it (or the millions it made her) one bit.

Photo Credit: Ray J Instagram