Report, Repeat, Replay: Mary vs MJB



Monday (July 22) marked the 22nd anniversary of Mary J. Blige’s debut album, What’s the 411?. The triple platinum record boasted top-charting singles like “Real Love,” “You Remind Me,” and “Love No Limit,” but more importantly, What’s the 411? introduced us to a soulful songstress who would change the sound of R&B as we knew it.

Since her entrance into the music industry, the “divine Miss Blige” has taken listeners on her personal journey of pain and triumph, leaving a lengthy list of hits along the way. While classic Mary comforted us through heartache, the more recent MJB has shown us what it feels like to have a “breakthrough.”

In honor of the Queen of Hip Hop Soul and all the dogs she’s helped us get over, we’ve compiled the Mary J classics we still cling to today.

Photo Credits: Getty Images and YouTube